May 3, 2015

Polish Passport Information Guide

Polish Passport Information Guide Polish passports are issued to Polish citizens to travel outside of Poland. For traveling inside the European Union, as well as to Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and the British dependencies in Europe (i.e. Gibraltar, Jersey, Isle of Man, Guernsey), Polish citizens can use their national ID card. There are currently three designs of Polish passports in use – one with biometric data and the inscription EUROPEAN UNION in Polish on the cover (introduced in 2006), and two without those features: one with a red cover (issued 2001-2006) and one with a navy-blue cover (issued prior to 2001). Passports of the old designs retain their validity until the expiration date but are not issued anymore. All three designs are fully equivalent to each other.

The two more recent designs are trilingual and written in Polish, English and French. The oldest of the three designs is additionally written in Russian with the exception of the page with personal data which is only bilingual (Polish and English).

Polish passports are issued for the period of 10 years.
How to get Polish Passport


• By descent from parents, where at least one of them is a Polish citizen

A child acquires Polish Citizenship by birth when:

1. Both parents are Polish citizens, or

2. One of the parents is a Polish citizen, whereas the other is of unknown or undefined citizenship or does not possess any citizenship (Art. 4)

A child of parents of whom one is a Polish citizen, while the other is a citizen of another country, acquires Polish Citizenship by birth. However, parents may, in a declaration made in conformity before the proper authority within the course of three months from the day of the birth of the child, choose for their child citizenship of another country of which one of the parents is a citizen, if according to the law of that country, the child acquires its citizenship.

• Through marriage with a Polish citizen for aliens who are currently residing in Poland

An alien can acquire Polish Citizenship, if he:

– Is married for at least three years to polish citizen, obtained a residence permit

Applicant needs to apply to the Wojewoda of his place of residence in Poland and declare intention of becoming a Polish citizen. Application needs to take place within 6 months from obtaining the residence permit

• By regaining Polish Citizenship lost due to a marriage to foreign citizen

Polish Citizen who lost Polish Citizenship by marrying foreign citizen can regain his citizenship if this marriage no longer exists. Such person has to apply to the Wojewoda in place of his residence in Poland, or to a Polish consul if residing abroad.


Note: For citizens who emigrated from Poland before 1962, the above-mentioned eligibility criteria do not apply.

• By naturalization by the President of the Republic of Poland

A foreigner may also obtain Polish Citizenship by applying to the President of the Republic of Poland, if:

– He resides in Poland for at least five years holding permanent residence permit;

– In specific cases, foreigner may obtain Polish Citizenship by applying to the President of the Republic of Poland, even though he does not meet the conditions described above. It depends on President’s evaluation of presented facts and evidence.

The granting of Polish Citizenship may be dependent on a submission of proof of the loss of or dispensation from a foreign citizenship.

The granting of Polish Citizenship to both parents extends to the children remaining under their parental authority. (Art. 8)

• By birth on the Polish territory

A child, who was born or found within the territory of the Republic of Poland, acquires citizenship of Poland when both parents are unknown, when its citizenship cannot be established, or who are stateless.

• Stateless person can be declared Polish Citizen

A stateless person can be declared Polish if:

– The applicant resides in Poland for at least five consecutive years

– The stateless person applies to the Wojewoda of her/his place of residence in Poland.

Acquisition of Polish Citizenship can be extended to applicant’s children if they reside in Poland. Each child over sixteen years of age needs to agree to the acquisition of Polish Citizenship.

• By regaining the citizenship lost in childhood by Parents declaration

By affidavit executed before proper Polish authorities within 3 months after the birth of the child, parents can choose foreign citizenship for the child if the laws of the foreign country grant the child citizenship based on descent from the foreign parent. Such child looses Polish Citizenship by parents’ declaration.

He can however regain Polish Citizenship if he/she executes an affidavit expressing will of becoming Polish Citizen before proper Polish authorities after turning 16, but before 6 months to the legal age (18 years old).

Visa-free travel

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Oceania


1. A “visitor’s permit” is issued for free upon presenting a proof of accommodation, sufficient funds and onward journey (source: General information on Immigration laws 2006)

2. Officially no regulation present, de facto same rules as for Morocco.

3. Visa required from holders of non-biometric passports.

4. According to Cayman Islands Immigration. Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs states the contrary.

5. Tourist voucher required – available at the airport for $10.

6. Officially still called “visa” but in reality a passport stamp issued for free

7. Officially no regulation present, de facto same rules as for Israel.

8. Technically not ‘visa-free’ as such, however since October all EU passports have been accepted for entrance to Australia provided they have electronic ‘eVisitor’ visas which do not require any form of standard visa-issuing protocol, instead being issued online in a matter of seconds, assuming of course that the applicant has no prior criminal convictions or outstanding arrest warrants.


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  1. my granny oelfse was born in poland and i would like to apply for a polish passport what do i need to start the process and am i eligable to apply
    your sincere

  2. Polish citizenship and passport says:

    Jennifer: ask Polish lawyer if you are eligible (at first)

  3. Hello I have been living in Poland for Last 5 years based on “Karta Pobytu – Zamiedszkanie na czas oznaczony” Can I apply for the Polish Citizenship now or I have to wait another 5 years ?

  4. My wife is Polish and we are living in England with our 3months old daughter that was born here in England as well. Now we are planning to go abroad but we never know which nationality we can get for her because I am from Africa and my wife is Polish and we are living here in England. Please anyone tell me what you think it is gonna be the best to do.
    Thank you.

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