May 3, 2015

Getting a Job in India Consultants Training & MNC’s

You have just completed your education and now are looking for a job by applying for openings in all the best MNC’s and trying for a chance in any of them. In India generally most MNC’s pay their employees/freshers a pay out of around 6000-10000Rs(150-250USD)/Month with a 3-6 months training period during which the fresher is given complete training about how to get started and what’s their requirement in these job profiles. This year the number of job openings has also went down with the decrease in the jobs and IT sector being down which is the reason most of the freshers contact the Consultancy firms for getting a job and these firms who have a tie up with the MNC’s HR.

The freshers need to generally pay their first month’s salary to the consultancy firm in order to get the job secured and would have a guaranteed job term of 3 months in the specified company, but if you directly contact any MNC in cities like Hyderabad(Hitech City), Bangalore(Electronic City) then you will be asked a one time fees of 1,00,000Rs – 2,50,000(2500-10000USD) for securing a job in a company in a decent post. There was a time when the freshers would get jobs based on their abilities but now most of the companies staff is hired this way in which they take money from the employees to get them in.

Recently i have read about many bad experiance’s from freshers who were guaranteed jobs in top companies by these consultancies like Bootstrap Technology, Hyderabad, SAT infotech, Hyderabad, Miracle corporation, Microsat Corporation, Kashyap Technologies, Chennai, Surge Infotech, Hyderabad, SapGURU, SHARP PATH,Hyderabad, Adira Technologies Bangalore, Outset Technologies, iCamberwell Solutions & Services, Power Views Technologies, Sorix Solutions, Cogent software technologies, Sermon Technologies, Royal Vision Solutions, Softel Integerated, Inspirion Consulting, Ition Solutions, Sai Medha Computers, Virinchi Technologies, iNest Solutions, Suffix Solutions, Acute Hi Technologies/ Acute Technologies, Keyoon Solutions etc in the metro cities and they were scammed at the end with amounts being in 5-6 figures and the freshers left nowhere with money & time being wasted. This is the very reason its recommended to apply for jobs using online jobs portals because these offer a almost direct contact with the companies HR team and can offer a better scope to the freshers. You just need to make sure that you have got a professional resume written for your job application with complete details, education qualifications, experiance’s , projects information, previous job details, hobbies, special skills, specialities, interests etc and all of these perfectly formatted in a word document and also a hard copy available ready for interviews.

Jobs in India Interview Tips

When you are offered for a placement like a Job in Google you should not worry about the present offered salary which is generally ranging from 8000Rs- 17000Rs/month in the beginning 6 months during which you will be offered training because thats not the end and your future is almost secured as the job offer would help you grow slowly but for sure you will grow in terms of job positions and salary. You should never think about short term when you are offered a job offer in a very good company because if you think about the starting pay you would recieve, the first think you should have in your mind is ‘What would the Company get from your end when you have no idea about their business/products/services’. If you start your own business can you seriously make money from the very first day or does it take sometime in order to make money, develop reputation, branding etc similarly the case would go with a fresh new job.

Try to avoid all the fake job offers you get from the consultancies which lure the freshers for a better job when paying a quite good amount of fees and you need to directly contact the companies if you have a self-belief and the right attitude that you can for sure perform well at the interview. Even if you fail once or twice in a Interview never think that as a end and worry because Practice makes man perfect and you need to make sure you keep trying out a couple times and this can make you succeed. Everyone does not get a job in a Campus Interview but what’s important is the spirit to keep trying and if you seriously give a try you can win for sure. In a Interview you should never stay tensed because the interviewers would not give you any physical harm nor any harassment, then why do the freshers stay in a fear? There is no point to worry about these things because what matters is the seriousness from your end and the passion to get the job.

With the IT Sector down at the moment in India you need to go for optional options while getting to the right career and this would include getting a part time job at the time while you are applying for a job in a MNC because a part time job would help you in keeping busy and stay on the track and would also help you memorize everything, rather in the case of a jobless when you would forget everything you have learnt and this would increase your fears during the interview. Before getting ready for jobs you also need to find what’s your real passion for and do you really want to go for the service industry or you have the skills to start your own business which would give you better fruits. It all depends on the way you plan out and you need to seriously decide what would be the right career for you.

If you have the right skills its also recommended for you to go for a Abroad job and we will discuss about this in our next article!


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