May 3, 2015

Food Technology Courses in India

The demand for food technologists is on the increase all around the world. The study of food technology is considered to be a noble field of choice. These are the reasons why a growing number of students are being attracted to the discipline.

We live in times of packaged foods and fast foods. Our culture is such that it depends a lot on the expertise, skills and not to forget integrity of food technologists. The main sector where you will be able to find food technologists is in the hospitality industry, rice mills, packaging industries and various food industries.

Students in India have been greatly influenced and encouraged into taking up food technology as a career option. The Ministry of Food Processing has played a vital role in drawing attention towards the field since its inception in 1988. Since the food industry sector is experiencing an unyielding success the value of food technology courses has risen.

Food Technology Courses in India :
The various institutes of India are offering courses in different aspects of food technology which includes microbiology, genetics, food packaging and food preservation techniques.

Some of the most prestigious institutes offering courses in the discipline are:
Central food Technology and Research Institute in Mysore
Kakatiya University,
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marabwada University
University of Mysore
University of Calcutta, Calcutta
Jadavpur University
Nagpur University
University of Bombay
Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore

The general criteria for admission in undergraduate food technology Courses is twelve years of schooling in science related subjects. A post graduate course will require the student to complete his graduation in Food technology or other related fields.

The outcome after the course :
The aim of the different courses in food technology in India is to equip the individual with the adequate knowledge and training regarding the different aspects of food technology. The primary areas of focus are the analysis of raw materials, health and hygiene parameters, packaging standards and methodology and processing techniques and storage.

Another key aspect of the food technology courses is that it trains the individual about the different methodologies with which they can attempt to extract beneficial byproducts from industrial waste as well as domestic waste. The food industries are heavily dependant upon food technologists for their future success.

The income possibilities :
There are many lucrative job opportunities open to food technologists in India. Jobs like Quality Assurance Manager, Laboratory Supervisor, Production Manager, technician in food processing and packaging and food packaging manager are open to the trained food technologists.

Many organizations hire food technologists for their research departments. You will also be able to work as a lecturer and an advisor in colleges and universities or to inspection boards and quality control cells. Many multinational organizations hold a periodic session with food technologists in order to come up with ways to improve their products.

You will also be able to launch your self on international ground as you will be eligible to apply for a job as product development manager in food research companies. For those people interested in pursuing further studies and research the international arena is open to them. Jobs as sensory scientists and quality control officers are available in other countries.

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  1. I want to know about One year management course, can you help me.

  2. i have finished my B.E(ELECTRONICS & INSTRUMENTATION ENGINERING)IN ANNA UNIVERSITY. i want to study a course in food technology.. pls guide me the right course

  3. i want to know about 1-2 months course for food inspector and after completing the course which type of jobs are their.

  4. i want to know in details for the course of food inspector as duration for the course, colleges,online course or distsnce course.

  5. vivek chawla says:

    im pursuing my btech degreee frm jaypee noida in electronics n communication , bt i wana join ma dads business f pickles n jams n ketchup n syrups after finishing ma btech which wil tak me 2nd half year more .plz suggest me any course which i cn join in delhi which i cn pursue along wid my btech

  6. would i can know about the various top institutions in india offering the course of food technology and its scope revelling about it .

  7. namit gupta says:

    i am study in textile chemistry at guru nanak dev university amritsar and after completing my b tech which type of jobs are there

  8. shafiur rahman says:

    i want to food technology course in chennai

  9. amit raut says:

    i have completed B.A,MBA(marketing)and i want do some courses related to food industry and i want to make my career in this sector please suggest suitable courses available in India which is helpfull to me.

  10. I have done BSc in Chemistry and MBA(HR& Mktg). I would like to know if there is any course which give me the required information to set up own business in food processing especially vegetarian products.I am also interested in Quality control area, pls guide.

  11. i want to know about the PG course of food tech in u.p and uttrakhand.

  12. pawan kumar lal das says:

    would i can know about the various top institutions in india offering the course of food technology and its scope revelling about it . i am doing sanitary inspector course, what is bettr for me

  13. i want to know any training course regards food processing industry,such as pulp manfacturing,beverage industry etc

  14. which exam is conduct for persuing the M.SC in Food technology?

  15. hitesh chauahn says:

    after comlet sanetary inspector course plz guide me for after this course i want study more plz guide me

  16. want to know about food inspector course duration fees university and location of college..
    i have done graduation in food processsign tech from anand gujarat

  17. I have done B. Tech. (Food) from Nepal and working in Noodles Industry in nepal. I want to do MBA from india and also like to work in india so pls suggest me where i should apply and also wants to have schlolarship for mba.

  18. I am BTECH Food and have around 1 year of experiece, can yo uplease suggest me few short term courses in food technology.


  19. is food tech. can find easily job?

  20. I have a B.Sc degree . I would like to do M.Sc in Food Tech. or Food Science,how can i apply for the course

  21. i want to do food tech course in distance mode

  22. Dear sir,
    I have Done Food Science in Bapatla from Acharya n.g ranga agricultural university and achieved 80% marks in 2007.I had work Experience in HERITAGE for one year two months.Now iam interested to Take Food Technology Please suggest to me and e-mail to
    with regards
    K.V.Pavan Raju

  23. i know about food inspector after

  24. plz suggest.

  25. kindly inform me about the colleges running Msc food technology..
    i have done my Bsc (botany) hons. and do not have maths at 10+2 level and is willing to do in this field…..plz inform me as early as possible

  26. bhumika says:

    i hve completed diploma in food technology and wanted to knw that is degree is compulsory in this field?
    and want to knw the further scope after doing nutrition and dietics?

  27. plz inform me abt colleages of Msc food technology apart from CFTRI. as early as possible….i have completed Bsc(Home science)n specilised in FOOD SCIENCES N NUTRITION……….PLZ AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE..n abt its scope also

  28. plz inform me abt forms wen vl they cum and wats da procedure for admission in cftri. i’v done bsc homescience n sp in food science n nutriton from lady irwin college, delhi.

  29. i’m doing bsc homesc from banasthali university
    want to do msc in food tech
    plz guide me

  30. ukti parekh says:

    i m doing food processing technology from anand and want to know abt food inspector courses as i want to study further plz guide me

  31. hi.. i want to do Food processing technology frm Anand.. plz guide me about future scopes in this field.. as soon as possible..

  32. hi..i am pursing biotechnology,plz guide me to take addmision in in food technology..

  33. an mechanical engineer.i m into my food chemicals business.i want to be food and drug inspector.kindly suggest

  34. hi..i am pursing M.Sc biochemistry(GATE qualified),plz guide me to take addmision in Mtec in food technology..

  35. Sir, i’m in my final year in biotechnology and i’m interested to do in food technology. Will you please suggest about the colleges offering this master’s degree and how to proceed?

  36. I want to know about 1-2 month food inspecter course

  37. what are the scopes of food technology in india ?
    which companies employ food technology?
    can food technology take part in placement offer of other engineering companies?

  38. plz giv me more information abt ths course nd i hve finishd d-pharmacy by 50% so is there any scope tht i get admission plz reply me as soon as possible

  39. hey plz tell me i have done bsc.biotechnology nd i want 2 do msc. in food technology. m i eligible 4 it. nd what is the job prospect after doing this course

  40. hello, Is there any college offering packaged food industry courses in pune and an hotel management graduate also had to do basic packaged industry course to find good jobs in this industry or to open my own packaged industry. Plz help me find good suggestion.

  41. i m in btech food tech final year.i wanna pursue management in food technology itself,is it goog?plz give some information about the best ten universities providing management courses in food in india and what are the criteria for getting admission in these universities

  42. hey can any body tell me what is the carrier option after completing msc food technology nd 4m where to it


  44. i want know abt short term course of food tech.regular

  45. i have compleated diploma in food technology.i want to know is any college offers btech in food technology in correspondece or distance education as it is not possible for me to do it in regular or part time,if any college offers btech in food technology,please tell me obout address, fees,duration and if possible its website.plese reply me as quickly as possible.

  46. which is a better option mtech food technology or msc food technology??

  47. i want detais of foodtechnology course as a duration 4 3mnths..please i need some information..and i need course detais and insitute name located in hyderabad

  48. i want know abt short term course of food tech.regular

  49. want to know about food inspector course duration fees university and location of college..
    i have done graduation in biotechnology from himt greater noida.

  50. madhav kumar says:

    i want the detail of scope of fpt

  51. Please tell me abt BDS course required qulification, duration and colleges in mumbai.

  52. Hi i m doing B.Tech (food science) final year. I want to know post graduation cources after B.Tech specially in quality control.

  53. hi i hav finished ma btech in biotech and since i am more interested in food sector can any one suggest me the right option and right courses for entry.

  54. me pursuing bachelor in food tech(hons) under gndu.what can be my further scope in this field

  55. i am final year student of btech food technology and want to study further what are the course (post graduation or short term course) and college for them (expect MBA)
    hope will get the answer

  56. i am in final yr.,persuing my graduation from zoology(H).kindly tell me am i eligible for post graduation in food technology???if yes,then what is the further process of applying in institutes???

  57. i have done diploma in food technology,can i do btech in food technology in distance education ,if so from where and what is the address of the college.

  58. i am doing M.Sc food technology. i want to know, how to become a food inspector.

  59. I have done in biotechnology.I want to do M.Tech in food technology.Please inform me about the various institutes offering this course.

  60. sir please suggest me whether Msc is better in food technology or urgent please consider and reply soon.

  61. abhinandan says:

    i want a short term cources in food tech. which is imported to food industry because i complete b-tech in food tech within 2 years

  62. i am a BE Biotech student. After completing BE what type of job i can get in food industries? what salary will be offered?

  63. I have done microbiology from madras university and MBA (Health services management) from anna university. I had work experience in Food exporting industry for 2 years and five months.
    I would like to do (foodtechnology) through distance learning. can any one suggest me the best universities

  64. Francis Enaru says:

    I am a ugandan by nationality and hold a bachelor’s degree in food processing technology but would like to pursue masters in food processing technology but financially unable.So a scholarship with the Indian govt would be very beneficially for me.
    Thanx as i await your response

  65. I just wanna get a survey if there are B.S food tech. graduate does not have work in your place???

  66. I just wanna get a survey if there are some B.S food tech. in your place does not have work???

  67. i have done B.Tech in Food Science.I want to do M.Tech in Food Science. please inform me about colleges offering this course. And also inform about the Food Inspector examination.

  68. I have done B.Tech in Food Science. I want to do M.Tech in Food Science, please inform me about the college offering this course, and also about the Food inspecter examination.

  69. i have done M.Sc food biotech,what type of job i can get in food industries?. otherwise if i do the certificate course of food sefty,what type of job i can get?

  70. hi,
    i am hotel magt diploma holder,with 3 yrs exper… will like to take career as food inspector or related job in food industry or FDA maharashtra…..

    can you pls help me for getting more information about qualification, what should i do for become a valid candidate for food inspector and selection process of food inspector….
    i search on FDA webside ..did nt got any information about carrer with fda …….pls waiting for your reply…


  71. i have done my m,scin zoology &i want to pursue my career in food industry
    plse inform me about some courses of food technology which will be beneficial for me

  72. I am looking to start diploma courses in food preservation including canned items. Can anybody help me with the information like from where i can get franchisee/affiliation/tieup I intend to start this in Yamuna Nagar HARYANA. An early reply will really be appreciated thankyou

  73. i m a sec. yr student of bsc. microbiology.i want to know something about food n tech. field,if i want to do msc in this thn wat will b d advantage ,also tel me d best college of this cource,

  74. aniruddh says:

    i have done my Ag.(agronomy)&i want to pursue my career in food industry
    plse inform me about some courses of food technology which will be beneficial for me

  75. ekta agawane says:

    i want to know 1-2 months course in food inspector which are available in mumbai

  76. Chavan R.F. says:

    Is there any surity of good salary job with good ranks in degree programmes?

  77. Chavan R.F. says:

    I am a distinction ranker studying in 3rd year techonology) in Queen’s college of food technology and research foundation,SANBHAJINAGAR(AURANGABAD),MAHARASHTRA(affiliated to Marathwada Agricultural University(MAU-Parbhani-MS)
    *what r the maximum salary job prospectus available for me after completion of degree?

    *Should i do technology) or MBA after UG?
    Please guide me and give ur suggestion(plz msg on 9028201019)
    i m waiting!

  78. aswathy.s says:

    I completed Diploma in health inspector (DHI)course in 2010.I want to know about further study on the basis of DHI course.Iam waiting for your reply

  79. santosh says:

    hi everyone ,
    Can any one pls tell me about food inspector courses offered colleges, and what are the critiria for become food inspector . I am diploma holder in hotel management.
    you can contact me on,
    pls any one can tell me …waiting for better


  80. Akshita Patel says:

    Dear sir,

    I had done B.E. food processing technology from sardar patel university, please guide me regarding the college which offers M-tech in food technology, and also do not require gate score as i miss to give gate exam. So kindly recommend me as soon as possible.


    Akshita patel

  81. Nikita Katare says:

    i have completed my diploma in food tech with 73% i would like yo know admission process for in nutrition & dietics,/B.E in food/,B-tech in food any of these…

  82. plzzzz i want to know about 2-3 months food inspectors course…i need to know urgently
    do help me out..waiting for ur reply


  83. sir i want to become a food inspector or sanitation inspector.
    can u plz suggest me a college 4 this courses in mumbai.
    and what will be the salary 4the food inspector

  84. i did my diploma in food inspection and currently working as a food inspector. so i want to upgrade my qualification. Either degree or BSC in food inspection. so where and how i can get the name of the college or website adress. please do help me to help the country

  85. bhanupriya says:

    i did b tech in food technology from north maharashtra university and now i want to do mba in food tech plz guide me institues which offers this course in maharashtra.

  86. sir i wanna know tht i have completed graduation frm my commerse streem nd i want to earn some knowledge in food nd technology cources, i just wanna ask tht can u prefer some cources fr me in food nd technology

  87. Hello Sir….. please tell me about any course of food quality controll…

  88. hello sir…..i have done masters in food science and technology…
    n i want to pursui ph.d…please suggest me the university…

  89. Namrata Patkar says:

    i am currently studying in sybt and i am interested in food technology so what are the entrance exams and which are the universities in mumbai who offer this course? what are the job opportunities for

  90. i have comleted msc in chemistry with analytical chemistry as a special subject i want to make career with fda as food & drug inspector what should i do? please guide me

  91. sir…. am doing 3rd yr food processing and preservation technology
    whether i can study MBA…

  92. Neeraj kumar says:

    Sir i wanna know abt msc in food processing technology. Which are best colleges in India

  93. muneer ganai says:

    i want phd in food tech tell me how i follow and also universitys were it is done in india

  94. i want to do food inspector course in distance mode, please help me

  95. hello sir…

    i am graduate in home science and have advance diploma in food technology.please suggest me how can i get a high salary job and is there any institution for food inspector course.

  96. anshuman mittal says:

    hello sir
    i am currently studying in 12th, delhi. i wish to know the names of some good colleges that offer B.Tech or B.E in food technology or food processing. both private and government.

  97. i want to know about food inspector course for three month in delhi with govt institute pls give me details

  98. i m doing ma bba 2nd yr nd want to b a food inspecter but the thing is can i pursue for this with a commerce stream if no then accept mba what are the other courses after bba with good package.

  99. hello sir,
    I’m doing my Bsc in nutrition food service management and dietetics.i don’t know correctly about pg courses and its scopes…can u suggest me some better options for my pg.

  100. hello sir i vil complete my bsc in biochemistry and a diploma in food science and quality control with 2months internship completed in different food industries so please suggest me short term courses that i can do after my ty or better career option.

  101. hello sir,
    i am graduate with home science and have advance diploma in food technology.plz tell me about MBA in agribusiness/total quality management.what ‘ ll b benificial for me? thanks…

  102. SRISHTI says:

    i am pursuing BE course in Food Processing Technology from Guj Tech University(GTU). further i want an employment as Food Inspector in Govt sector. What courses should i start and from where?

  103. I am B.E(electronics and communication engg.) graduate and i want to pursue degree or diploma in food technology which i can take it as a career. please suggest me the courses

  104. apoorva jadhav says:

    i have completed my t.y.bsc(chemistry) suggest me the procedure to pursue food technology course, what is the minimum qualification required for this course??

  105. i will like to know if you run a short training program in mycotoxin using HPLC.

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